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Single Review: P!nk – ‘Just Like Fire’

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P!nk may not have disappeared from the public eye, but it’s only recently that her solo career has started picking up again; following 2012’s The Truth About Love, the only piece of work we’ve received is 2014’s collaborative album with Dallas Green, Rose Ave. While there’s no news of an album yet, her momentum is picking up in the realm of tie-ins, with Today’s the Day being used as The Ellen Degeneres Show’s theme song, and now her latest single Just Like Fire being used in the upcoming movie Alice Through the Looking Glass.

P!nk Just Like FireIn comparison to Today’s the Day’s radio-friendly synthpop style, Just Like Fire makes heavy use of acoustic guitar and percussion, with a hand-clapping singalong vibe lasting throughout the entire song. Its chorus throws some synths and ample reverb on top of the mix, and its bridge uses completely different R&B style, making for some twists and turns throughout the song. The bridge acts as the main detracting factor for the song, breaking the flow almost entirely, but the remainder of the song shows good use of P!nk’s vocals, especially through the higher notes in the chorus.

While the imagery portrayed in the lyrics gives the song some flavour, it stands out as a song clearly meant to be used in the credits of the associated movie rather than being used as a standalone track, or something throughout the movie. As a movie theme it serves its purpose, but as a P!nk track it comes up short; it’s still a nice if not disjointed listen, but hopefully one that’s not solely indicative of where her next album is heading.