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Album Review: Pet Shop Boys – Super

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The Pet Shop Boys have been together for 35 years now. In that time, they have created a lot of fun, intelligent and expressive electronic music. Despite all the changes that have happened in electronic music since their inception, Neil Tennant (Vocalist) and Chris Lowe (Keyboards) somehow managed to move through the decades with grace. Releasing 13 studio albums, 2 live albums, 8 compilations, 14 video albums, 47 music videos and 55 singles, the Pet Shop Boys still have the music dancing through their veins. Super is their 13th album; one that shows the band still know how to enjoy their craft.

Pet_Shop_Boys_-_SuperThe first track on Super, Happiness, is a solid start. A slow build up with Tennant spelling out “happiness”. A bouncing beat rolls as the synths gain energy. It’s been a long journey for the pair, but they’ve “gone the only way they know”. Happiness is pumping, full of energy and never becomes too much. Imagine the lights of a stage show shooting around you, it’s easy to get lost in the party.

Twenty-something is almost a nostalgic track. Sounding like a modern remake of an 80’s video game, Twenty-something is again so much fun. The music sounds like an adventure through the 20’s, flowing up and down with lyrics about making money and decadence. There’s a carnival feel to this track. The lyrics maybe taking a sarcastic look at being in the 20’s or remembering the joys of being without too much responsibility yet. Possibly a mix of both.

Sad Robot World is slow and well composed. The synths sound very 80s with an airy, blowing Tennant bring a soulfulness to this album. There’s a little darkness in this track, perfect for the day after the big night out. The last track, Into Thin Air, is a perfect ending. The track sounds tough with a heavy beat, the synths and vocals are like a whirlwind spinning around you.

Super is a super album, in short. The Pet Shop Boys have done another feel good, intelligent album that keeps an 80’s sound while still sounding new. Sure, the wheel hasn’t been invented, but there’s a party going on and you don’t need the wheel to dance the night away.