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Single Review: Pixie Lott – ‘Nasty’

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Pixie has come back into the mainstream at a difficult time. The reason for this is there seems to be many more decent female pop singers around now compared to when she first hit the scene.  Her new single Nasty therefore needed to show her intention to taking back her pop crown, and unfortunately the track falls short of the mark.  Not only does it sound like a Christina Aguilera song, it is a Christina Aguilera song. She recorded it for her movie Burlesque as a duet with soul/pop big man, Cee Lo Green, and Pixie decided it was good enough for her lead single from her forthcoming self-titled album.

PixieLott-NastyThe problem is, it doesn’t suit her.  Although we must all agree that Pixie is high up there in the eye-candy stakes, she doesn’t come across as a bad girl; that’s what this song is trying to make her into and ultimately fails.  This track would have suited Christina in her Dirrty phase (that’s her song Dirrty, not my bad spelling), where she would grind around a stage or music video wearing little more than a corset and a smile, but it just feels wrong with Pixie.  She tries for attitude throughout the song, but it just feels like it’s been watered down and doesn’t have the performance which a song like this deserves.

Don’t get me wrong, Pixie has a good voice and she holds the song afloat with a nice solo vocal section in the middle, but the track feels dated before it starts.  “Do it till you’re good and tired” is what the song asks us to do as the track kicks in; and to be honest it may have been a tired decision to release this track. A better idea would have been to release an original Pixie tune as we all know she can write and sing a decent song.  Hopefully the album will bring more to the table than Nasty, because we all know Pixie can really turn it on when she picks the right style.