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Single Review: Pharrell Williams – ‘Happy’

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2013 was one of those tricky years for popular artists and bands. Many of those aiming to explode into the year found themselves flailing around before sinking into an ocean of obscurity, whilst a select few made understated returns that detonated into massively significant musical moments of the year and decade.

Pharrell Williams HappyPharrell Williams was definitely part of that latter group, collaborating tracks with the likes of Daft Punk (including mega-hit Lucky) and the controversial yet annoyingly catchy Robin Thicke track Blurred Lines.

It would seem however that 2013 was just a warm-up for 2014 as, lucky us, the man has decided to finally release his sophomore album and the first since 2006 debut In My Mind. No details have emerged as of yet but if latest single Happy is anything to go by, it will be the return we’ve been hoping for.

Indeed Happy is a rather… well… happy affair with a cheerful beat and exuberant vocal that would indicate that the former N.E.R.D singer is finding a lot of lighthearted fun to be had in both music and life. “Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth” sings Williams as the jaunty rhythm gets your head nodding.

Williams’ joyous mood is infectious for sure and if you find yourself in a bout of melancholy, stick it on, have a jig and you’ll soon find yourself smiling from the magical medicine of good music. Whether 2014 brings the same frills that 2013 for Williams or not, one thing you can say is so far, the man is on a roll.