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Single Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Luna’

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Come 2011, it was looking like an impressively steady run for Bombay Bicycle Club; the British band had somehow succeeded in releasing three albums between 2009 and 2011 – yup, that’s right, one per year. On top of a relentless touring schedule, that equates to over three years devoted to the ascension of the band, and it therefore makes their three year sabbatical between third album A Different Kind of Fix and their forthcoming title So Long, See You Tomorrow wholly forgivable.

Bombay Bicycle Club - LunaWhilst 2013 saw the release of Carry Me, a heavily textured track compiled of stomping percussion, clashing symbols, robust synths and handclaps, second single Luna is far more boyant. Few songs sound like every individual’s idealised perception of summer; exotically woven and temperate, managing to encapsulate the sense of euphoric excitement on the days where summer nights are everything you ever imagined them to be, however Luna somehow succeeds in being some sort of pathetic fallacy to the heat of a summer fling.

Lyrics such as ‘I will bathe myself, then I’ll wear you for the night’ may sound moderately creepy were they uttered by another, more intense vocalist, but Jack Steadman’s charming and irreproachable delivery is the comforting weight that binds Luna as the music ebbs and flows between a cathartic trickle and an intense wave. If singles such as Carry Me and Luna are indication, Bombay Bicycle Club are cruising to the peak of their game.