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Single Review: Paloma Faith – ‘Beauty Remains’

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Late last year, singer/songwriter/actress Paloma Faith released a special Outsider’s Edition of her 2014 smash hit album A Perfect Contradiction, which celebrated the success of her pop ballad Only Love Can Hurt Like This; her internationally renowned tour of the album is currently doing the rounds and Faith continues to release new music, this time with her latest single Beauty Remains.

Paloma Faith - Beauty RemainsThere is something unique about Paloma, apart from her style, she has a strong soulfulness about her voice and it is clear to many why she’s so admired. Beauty Remains is very different compared to previous singles such as Can’t Rely On You and Trouble With My Baby, it’s not as upbeat but it’s not quite a ballad; when listening to her albums back to back, you come to admire her versatility and ability to take on many a genre. Though it’s not as much a stand out as its predecessors, Beauty Remains has its perks, which are that Faith’s voice is as strong as ever and carries the song effortlessly; and there are not a hundred thousand layers of production overcrowding the song either, just a simple beat and arrangement. Lyrically the track follows close to Faith’s heart, touching on the potential end of a serious relationship, a topic UK artists have mastered.

There is no denying the talent that resounds from Paloma Faith and her music, the only thing is that A Perfect Contradiction was the torch being carried by her successful release of Only Love Can Hurt Like This, it’s a very difficult track to follow and particularly with tracks from the same album. Beauty Remains is still a decent track by Faith, but it’s too subtle to warrant a single release; it doesn’t sound like a radio track at all, but continuing to release tracks and accompanying videos should still reinforce the hype behind her current album tour. It won’t be until Paloma Faith’s next album release that we’ll hear something fresh, but we still can’t get enough of this little lady.