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Single Review: Niall Horan – ‘Slow Hands’

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Photo: EMI Music Australia

Each of the members of the group One Direction have come to a cross road in their career, and Niall Horan, like the others, is now taking his own direction in the music industry.

After the success of his debut single This Town, Horan has given us a second serving in Slow Hands.

Opting for modest instrumentation, the sound is effortless focussing your attention on the solid song writing and his ear catching staccato melody.

Influenced by music of the 80’s, Horan went for a slightly grittier, bass driven sound. His subtle nod to this era of pop music is done tastefully. In these two singles, Horan has already demonstrated variety in his music, hitting the mark on each one.

If he built up a following of fangirls in One Direction, he’ll get a following of fangirl dad’s to like his latest releases. Niall Horan’s acoustic vibes are surefire crowd pleasers.