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Single Review: Nathan Sykes – ‘Over And Over Again’ Feat. Ariana Grande

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Rising Pop Star Nathan Sykes has reunited with Pop Princess Ariana Grande to belt out another heartfelt duet. Although previously recorded as a solo, Over And Over Again has been rerecorded, breathing a new life into this romantic song. It starts off slow with a soft piano tune as the backdrop to Sykes’ heartfelt croon as he hooks your heart straight off, serenading, “from the way you smile, to the way you look” / “You capture me, unlike no other”.

Nathan-Sykes-Over-And-Over-AgainLyrically it’s fairly simple and rather repetitive, but each word is sung with such a passionate energy it’s easy to overlook. And there’s no denying it, this pair has an unbelieve chemistry. The combination of Sykes’ powerful croon and Grande’s breathy warble soar above the melody, as their voices bounce and blend with one another’s. With the pair ultimately coming together to finish off the track, crooning, “we’ll never forget this moment, it will stay brand new” / “’Cause I’ll love you, over and over again”.

Over And Over Again is one of Sykes’ most personal tracks to date and revamping it with the addition of Grande’s powerhouse vocals is just what it needed. The release of this single is the perfect beginning to 2016 for Nathan Sykes and the ultimate hype for his highly anticipated debut album.