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Single Review: My Crazy Girlfriend – ‘Crazy Stupid Love’

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When you combine a hip-hop duo, a songwriter and a dance artist into one group, you could expect something great to come from it; in this case, you would get pop/hip hop group My Crazy Girlfriend. All members had their own respective careers to begin with; Bennett and Justyn are hip-hop duo 2XL, Myah had been writing songs for stars such as Britney Spears and Cosmo was pursuing a career in dance music. Their debut single as My Crazy Girlfriend, Go F**K Yourself, soared to the number one spot on the Billboard dance charts and now they are following up their success with a tour alongside girl group Little Mix and the release of single number two; Crazy Stupid Love.

My-Crazy-Girlfriend-Crazy-Stupid-LoveThe new track has the potential to be a hit; it has a good beat, a catchy hook and a colourful video clip to give it that visual statement. The structure in the beginning of the song was a little awkward; the chorus kicks off the song followed by a brief rap verse, followed by the chorus and a longer rap verse etc etc. At least they dare to be different, they didn’t seem to mind and it seemed like they pulled it off. Lyrically it doesn’t shy away from your typical viral pop song, it has that right amount of cheesiness to appeal to the easiest of audiences; nor does it challenge you with words, it’s not difficult to follow.

At times throughout its course, Crazy Stupid Love could be bland and nothing new to the norm; it’s pure pop, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you are dead into the genre. If their previous single Go F**K Yourself appealed to you, then perhaps this new track is also down your alley.