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Single Review: Maverick Sabre – ‘Walk Into The Sun’

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Feel good pop-soul has made a return to the charts, thanks to tracks like Pharrell Williams’ Happy. Maverick Sabre’s new single Walk Into The Sun off the upcoming album Innerstanding is no exception.

Maverick Sabre- Walk Into the SunSabre’s vocals are confident and inviting from the get-go, backed by carefree doo-wop background vocals that take listeners to the good old days of those vocal groups from the 1960s like the Temptations and the Ronettes. Despite the monotonous melody in the verses but joyous musical backing, the delivery is undeniably British, right down to the regal orchestral swings and Sabre’s smooth navigation of his rapid-fire lyrics. The ‘all I wanna/got to do…’ choruses keep things nice and simple without being preachy.

Although the track is admittedly not that original (the instrumental bridge with its handclaps and dramatic choir flourishes is almost a note-for-note replica of Happy), you can’t deny that this track puts listeners in a good mood. It is harmless, sunny fun that is a welcoming listen on the radio.