Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

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Single Review: Maroon 5 – ‘What Lovers Do’ feat SZA

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photo: MBCPR

What Lovers Do is the third single to be released from the group’s forthcoming sixth album and features guest vocals from R&B singer SZA. Unlike preceding singles Don’t Wanna Know and Cold, What Lovers Do is more of a conventional pop song, and this juxtaposition in sound poses questions about the musical direction of the new album.

As a stand-alone track, What Lovers Do is perfectly serviceable if unremarkable. Adam Levine’s vocals act as the band’s sonic fingerprint, while the music forms a generic background with just enough character to perhaps hook that casual listener passing by. SZA’s vocals tonally provide a solid counterpoint to Levine’s but lack enough draw power to really intrigue the listener.

Maroon 5 have always been a love-it or hate-it proposition for many, a fact that What Lovers Do will not change. Fans of the group will undoubtedly find much to enjoy in this upbeat offering, but it is unlikely to prove appealing to anyone outside of the established fan base.