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Single Review: Mark Ronson – ‘Uptown Funk’ (feat. Bruno Mars )

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What’s shakin’ cool cats? Let me give you the skinny on the hippest new groove, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson that features the unmistakable voice of Bruno Mars. It’s so outta sight, I just know you are going to freak out. Can you dig it? Hot damn! (I’ll stop.)

Mark Ronson Uptown FunkThe first single from Ronson’s upcoming fourth album Uptown Special is a joyous, bass-slapping little ditty that joins the likes of Olly Muirs’ Wrapped Up and Pharrell Williams’ Gust Of Wind in a trend of soul clad 70’s throwbacks. The vocal dum-dum bass line, meets the scratchy melody of the electric guitar right off the bat, sending us hurling back in time and ready to dance.

Equal parts cheesy and cool, this catchy retro track is a sure fire feel good anthem that is near perfect. The collaboration between Ronson and Mars is magic, almost invoking the essence of the father of funk himself, James Brown. He sure would be proud of Uptown Funk, which manages to keep the essence of the 70’s love alive in 2014 better than most. There’s a chanty element to the song, underscored by the jazz bar type backing vocals that dare the listener not to love it. The cheeky line Uptown Funk you up, Uptown Funk you up is surrounded in a dream combination of horns and Mars distinctive vocals – a performance I would place as one of his best ever.

Uptown Funk is right on. If this is a taste of Ronson’s new stuff then I can dig it, and with rumours confirmed this week that Stevie Wonder opens the album by wailing on his harmonica, what’s not to like? Do yourself a favour and check out the video too, because nothing is better than seeing Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson get a perm. Say What?! Now it’s time for this jive turkey to get up offa this thing. Peace out.