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Single Review: Marina & The Diamonds – ‘Froot’

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Electra Heart is dead. Marina & The Diamonds killed her off late last year, and true to her style, she left our hearts breaking. But every cloud has a silver lining – after two long years since her last album, Electra Heart, Diamandis is back with her witty new single Froot. And judging by the sounds of this single, it seems as though there’s still remnants of her famous alter ego in there.

MarinaAndTheDiamondsFrootPerhaps it’s time to let go of the bombshell who put out hits like Primadonna and How To Be a Heartbreaker. It’s just hard to, especially when Froot has old and new elements of Diamandis’ sound. Already, the poppy, 80’s themed disco beat is something refreshingly different. There’s more electronic elements in here than usual; but like all artists, this is Diamandis’ growth and transition. From the alien-like hook to the video-game synths, it’s altogether irresistible and no doubt, a dance floor filler.

Diamandis is still as sly and witty as ever, her single laced with fruity metaphors and puns. ‘Baby I am plump and ripe, I’m pinker than shepherds delight’, she purrs seductively. It’s a very come-hither approach, surpassing the level of Homewrecker and Heartbreaker. She even sounds different; drawling her syllables almost menacingly, she’s miles away from the adolescent pop of her last album. But there’s still elements present which are distinctly Marina – both her attitude on love and her unmistakable vocals, which will definitely delight fans.

Overall, Froot is wicked fun and has us eagerly anticipating her upcoming third album. It’s a new era for Marina Diamanids, who has proven she’s ripened both musically and artistically. And just like a delicious piece of fruit, you won’t be able to get enough.