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Single Review: Mariah Carey – ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’

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World renowned pop/RnB princess, Mariah Carey is getting ready to release her latest single, You’re Mine (Eternal), an upbeat number that many pop lovers will find incredibly enjoyable. This track by Carey impressively shot up almost half a million views on YouTube within four days of being released. It can obviously be seen that there are many eager fans that keep up to date with her refreshing pop music and nobody can blame them for it. Her album, The Art of Letting Go, is due for release in a couple of months, reminding listeners that patience is a virtue and that Carey definitely has some decent tracks lined up for this record.

Mariah-Carey-Youre-Mine-EternalWith February being the month where love is in the air, this track is well-attuned for the hopeless romantic, particularly for those that appreciate Mariah Carey’s impeccable vocals. It delivers lyrics that emphasize the power of romantic feelings, describing her sense of true happiness found in her significant other. Listeners will find that the simplicity and sensual atmosphere of this song gives off a subtle and much-needed reminder of how sometimes listening to a track that has an old-school feel brings out the best of the nostalgia years of 90s pop and RnB music.

Overall, Mariah Carey definitely knows how to live up to the expectations of making a superb pop/RnB song and that’s something people shouldn’t underestimate her for. It delivers a special meaning to true love, reminding others that they should not lose hope finding that special someone, wherever they may be.