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Single Review: Magic! – ‘Let Your Hair Down’

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While “Canadian” and “reggae” aren’t words anyone would immediately associate with one another, these two words have found common ground in up and coming four-piece band MAGIC! The quartet, fronted by singer Nasri Atweh, who found success as one half of the Grammy Award-wining song writing and production duo The Messengers, has been riding the unanticipated, viral success of their first single Rude from their debut studio album Don’t Kill The Magic. Described as Canada’s answer to the Police, MAGIC! have released the third single from the album, Let Your Hair Down.

Magic Let Your Hair Down

Selling over 4 million units worldwide to date, infectious hit Rude is a hard act to follow. MAGIC! effortlessly combined breezy reggae musical devices with polished pop song writing to create the addictive ear-worm. While certainly not quite as catchy as their debut, Let Your Hair Down continues with the band’s established reggae-pop aesthetic. There’s something perceptibly tropical about the track; its syncopated guitar strumming, backing vocals and organ certainly have that dreamy reggae-inspired liquidity.

But while Atweh verifies his crooning abilities, and the band proves they can create a calmer atmosphere with their appealing reggae-pop amalgam, there’s nothing at all groundbreaking about the track. The band and their sound are charming, but Let Your Hair Down is admittedly merely pleasant to listen to, and unfortunately somewhat forgettable. Undoubtedly MAGIC!’s music is enjoyable, if you appreciate the integration of reggae, pop and RnB, but perhaps not every little thing they do is entirely magic.