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Single Review: Louis Tomlinson – ‘Back to You’

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Photo: Simon Jones PR

Fans have had little under a month to prepare for Louis Tomlinson’s second solo track, Back to You, since the musician’s Twitter announcement. Featuring Bebe Rexha, and Digital Farm Animals, the track is set to be part of Tomlinson’s upcoming debut studio album, which will be released with his own label, Triple Strings Ltd.

The slow synths on the single are a nice start; creating a relaxed, calm beat.  Rexha’s rich voice brings us the classic storyline of an on and off love/hate relationship.  The gentle music clashes with the harsher language used in some verses, building up for a musically dramatic chorus.

When Tomlinson joins the song, his velvety voice is the perfect match for Rexha’s.  Now, this could be coincidence, since it does fit the context of the song, but many feel the ‘you drag me down’ lyrics are a reference to One Direction’s Drag Me Down.  This may be a display of his independence from the band since their hiatus.

It won’t instantly take your breath away, but the song definitely grows on you.  It will be interesting to see what Tomlinson can bring to the music world on his own when he releases his album.