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Single Review: Little Mix – ‘Love Me Like You’

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The lead up to girl group sensation Little Mix’s next album Get Weird is getting heated: in May radio and playlists everywhere got their hands on lead single Black Magic and received it well. The girls have added their next single Love Me Like You to the mix, but does it keep the hype up?

Little Mix - Love Me Like YouMany pop artists go down the love song road because it’s like tradition: everybody needs to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling when listening to tracks like Love Me Like You. The lyrics come off a little generic: “Last night I lay in bed so blue ’cause I realised the truth, they can’t love me like you” and so on. What stands out about the track is that rather than be sung to a sappy piano melody, it’s refreshingly upbeat. The girls’ vocals are spot on and the overall arrangement is warm and welcoming. 

Little Mix continue to roll out gems, Love Me Like You is an effective follow-up to Black Magic and both tracks compliment each other well. It’s common for second singles to be a ballad/love song, showing two different angles from an upcoming release, but in this case both tracks have a similar approach but it still works; fans can definitely look forward to Get Weird in November!