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Single Review: Lissie – ‘Sleepwalking’

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There’s something a little bit charming about Lissie. The music by the American singer-songwriter certainly carries a delectable air in its country tinged twang and her latest single – Sleepwalking – is no different.

Lissie - SleepwalkingTaken from the singer’s forthcoming album, Back To Forever, Sleepwalking calls to mind lazy days lounging in the summer sun, invoking in every listener some no doubt charming memories of their youth and yesteryear. However, regardless of such warm and cozy sentiments, and whilst being a live favourite, the song is also very rhythmically repetitive, a factor that – despite fueling the song’s more catchy elements – also makes it a little tiresome after a few listens. Which is a shame, as Lissie herself possesses a lovely, lilting voice that is most definitely a high point in her pop doused radio rock, for this is indeed music written for accessibility in the radio and charts.

The Illinois native’s likeness to fellow country-bumpkin Taylor Swift feels almost uncanny, albeit, without quite the same panache of her younger contemporary, and whilst Sleepwalking may find itself as a minor radio hit, it will fail to make a lasting impression on various charts and listeners alike, for whilst it succeeds in being a perfectly acceptable country-folk-pop song, and despite Lissie being the owner of nicely impressive vocal chords, the unfortunately ultimate component in the matter is that it is all just a little bit… boring.