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Single Review: Justice Crew – ‘Everybody’

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Justice Crew has some amazing, timeless influences to draw from. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has clearly inspired its moves and look. The Australian dance-pop/hip-hop act also opened for his sister Janet on the Australian leg of her 2011 ‘Up Close and Personal’ Tour- a great achievement. However, it has not captured the greatness of those pop legends on Everybody.

JusticCrewEverybodyThe intro to this track tries to build up euphoria like an EDM track, but the lifeless drums and the clichéd lyrics (‘good times flow…in the mood… got a drink, got a beat…come get it’) turn things flaccid. Everybody sounds just like another LMFAO, Taio Cruz and The Wanted track as a result, if it weren’t for their adequate vocals.

In addition, having a saxophone and a bass synth snatched from Rihanna’s Where Have You Been does not make a generic dance-pop song about ‘getting wasted’, hip-hop.

This Justice Crew track has nothing on the songs of the same title by Madonna and The Jacksons. In the words of the Queen of Pop, ‘it feels reductive’ compared to those tracks from the early 1980s (Madonna’s track was her 1982 debut single and The Jacksons’ song was an album track off 1980’s Triumph).

It won’t be as iconic as the Backstreet Boys’ Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) either.

Ironically, all of these tracks titled Everybody are about the same thing. It’s just that the offering by Justice Crew is a mindless injustice to the theme of getting everybody dancing.

Now, that would be enough for Janet to write Rhythm Nation Part 2.