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Single Review: Ladyhawke – ‘A Love Song’

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A Love Song comes as a taste of Ladyhawke’s upcoming studio album Wild Things, slated to be released in June, and if it’s any indication, the album should be a synth pop force of nature. After four years, Ladyhawke – real name Pip Brown – is back at her glitzy, glittery best, dropping a single dripping with electropop opulence. Replete with glorious shimmering synths and punchy bursts of electronic rhythm, Ladyhawke turns the story of a bittersweet relationship into a certified banger of a song.

Ladyhawke-A-Love-SongIt’s a strong lead single, one which adheres tightly to Ladyhawke’s aesthetic and proves itself as a promising precursor to the album. The sugary vocals and wheezing synths recall her earlier works, while the catchy hook-filled chorus seems to signpost a move in a more pop-oriented direction, away from grungier singles like My Delirium and Dusk Til Dawn. Brown’s 80s influence hasn’t really evolved since her last couple of albums, but it doesn’t really matter when she’s still consistently churning out music of such high quality. A Love Song is cute, upbeat, and very, very easy to dance to. Cyndi Lauper would be proud.