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Single Review: Lady Gaga – ‘Applause’

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It’s been almost two years since Lady Gaga released Marry The Night – the final single taken from her second album Born This Way – and the wait for new material has somehow managed to feel like both an age, yet barely anything at all. With all the hoopla we have come to expect from Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – and all the theatrics that surrounded the singles from Born This Way, it is practically prerequisite that her next move would up the ante. Having decided to christen her third album as Artpop, Gaga has almost given herself licence to go that extra, wackier, avant-garde mile.

lady gaga applauseHowever, Artpop itself will have to wait until November, and for now we will have to do with her new single, Applause. The song is pretty self-explanatory, talking of Gaga’s addiction to fame, especially in the lyrics ‘If only fame had an IV, baby, I could bear being away from you, find the vein, put it in here’. Musically, the song is all synths and electronic beats, and whilst it is no doubt catchy, it fails to quite match the creativity and hooks of some of her previous songs or, perhaps, the novelty of surprise that Gaga has so far successfully cultivated is finally beginning to wear off.

Though, as we should all know by now, when it comes to Gaga, the song is merely one facet of her creation. Whilst the song itself is somewhat uninspired, Gaga’s accompanying videos are always another spectacle to behold, and the video for Applause is definitely no different. There’s the clutching hand bra, flashy horse’s tail, third leg and – best of all – Gaga as swan. Pretty typical affair, then.