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Single Review: Lady Antebellum – ‘One Great Mystery’

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What makes a great song? There’s many theories behind this; some use science to try and find the answer, others have looked to maths, while there’s people out there who believe great tracks are inspired by something other-worldly. Some musicians only have that ‘spark’ for one moment in their career, creating a one hit wonder and then spend the rest of their lives trying to create something just as magical, and ultimately getting nowhere. Luckily for Lady Antebellum, they haven’t fallen into the latter category, and with the already huge Need You Now under their belt, the three-piece return with new single One Great Mystery, once again showing their talent for finding a great tune.

Lady Antebelum one great mysteryThe track sneaks in with a slow groove, gentle guitar riff and silky vocals that the band is renowned for, with Hilary Scott showing off her talent for adding another layer of pop loveliness to any country song.  The usual Lady Antebellum penchant for sharing vocals continues here, with Charles Kelley chipping in on the latter verses, and both vocalists relying on the strength of each others voices to find perfect harmonies.  For other bands this would seem a little cheesy, but Lady Antebellum seem to always get away with it.

The lyrics “There is only one great mystery, and I keep searching for the answer desperately” speak volumes here, probably meant to be about finding love or passion, but musicians might listen to it and again bring it back to finding that special something that turns a song from good, to out of this world. One Great Mystery is another triumph of a single that the band seems to crank out with ease.