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Single Review: Kylie Minogue – ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’

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Australia’s Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue, has unveiled another track from her latest album Kiss Me Once – the disco inspired I Was Gonna Cancel. The new song is the second single from the songstress’s twelfth album, following Into The Blue. Despite being from album number 12, I Was Gonna Cancel sounds remarkably fresh and youthful as though the pop veteran was a new face on the scene.

Kylie Minogue I Was Gonna CancelThe song was written and produced by hip-hop icon Pharrell Williams, who watermarks the track with his signature mix of infectious, smooth beats and a catchy chorus.  The song also features a heavy influence from his previous work with Daft Punk, with funky electronic beats dominating the disco-pop track.

Kylie’s distinctive voice is familiar from the opening lines “I was gonna cancel/Then I looked into the sky and knew that bad news won’t prevent the sun to shine” as she sings over the fresh, dance-friendly melody. The track is so upbeat and catchy that it will entice most mere mortals on to the dance floor and be sure to dominate night club playlists.

I Was Gonna Cancel is a track which I’m sure everyone will know by the end of the month, with its high energy vibe and mainstream appeal. It seems that everything Pharrell touches turns to gold, and I would be surprised if this does just that for Kylie!