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Single Review: Knocking Ghost – ‘Soul Aspiration’

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Knocking Ghost are Rob Taylor and Neil Quinlan, a duo united by a taste for electronic music and a knack for penning it. Beginning as a remix collective, their collective musical consciousness soon gravitated towards the creation of grooves of their own, the intention being that each track be ‘something with a big brooding soul and a silver lining’. And there is perhaps no description more apt than this for the pair’s latest single Soul Aspiration.

Knocking Ghost - Soul AspirationBar a few moments of electronic ethereality in the middle, the track rumbles along with constant foreboding; it’s deep, dark bass and it’s hard-edged rhythmic propulsion make it feel at times like a Hans Zimmer score for a Hollywood thriller and there’s a ticking bomb in some place where it would really be preferable for there to not be a ticking bomb. But sitting on top of this threatening foundation are what perhaps form the ‘silver lining’ of Soul Aspiration – playful but invigorating pop hooks combined with synthetic radiance and a modern dance-floor largeness. This interesting blend of colours gives the track a real depth, and a real, living character – one to be feared but also admired.

Soul Aspiration will likely find favour among those with a penchant for a darker side of pop music. Counting myself (in many cases) as one of those people, and despite being one who does not often go out looking for the latest electronic sounds, I would call myself a big fan of this track.