Fri. May 24th, 2024

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Single Review: Kid Ink – ‘Show Me’ (Feat. Chris Brown)

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Kid Ink is a new emerging rapper in the music industry and his new song Show Me with Chris Brown is one infectious track. Typically speaking, it is all what Rnb/Hip-Hop lovers want, a track that has a chorus that is bound to be stuck in your head and doof doof beats that could go miles away when heard playing loudly from your car subwoofers. What makes Show Me so bad ass is the way Kid Ink just chimes his way through the track without interrupting the soulful vocals of Chris Brown. This what makes the dynamic duo complement each other, making the track such a people pleaser for anyone that just wants to get the party started.

KidInkShowMeI’m sure DJ Mustard had a lot of fun producing Show Me and what I’ve found interesting about music in general is the fact that being simple and creative can take you to places, no matter what genre it is. It’s clear from the beginning that Chris Brown and Kid Ink work well with one another and with the simplicity of Chris Brown’s hooks and Kid Ink’s rapping, they both create this vibrant RnB vibe throughout the song which makes it enjoyable and easy to listen to. Instantly, it grasps your attention and once it does exactly that, you’re hooked. The track hypnotises you and puts you into this little trance where you naturally bop your head wishing that you could be in a room full of strangers, soaking up the heat of everyone else’s bodies and inhale whatever’s left of your innocence. For one night only, you can completely free yourself from all boundaries and feel like you have the authority of doing whatever you want.

Show Me  has a way of turning heads with its fiery and sophisticated beat. However, this track was typically made for the radio and let’s just say you’d probably skip to the next station if you hear this track more than three times a day. You’re better off reserving it for a special night where people are just keen to party and Show Me just hits the spot.