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Single Review: Kid Ink – ‘Main Chick’ (Feat. Chris Brown)

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Kid Ink, aka Brian Todd Collins, is still relatively new in the world of rap music. Originally working as a music producer, he decided to pursue a rapping career just a short six years ago. Kid Ink didn’t release a debut album (Up & Away) until 2012, as he had been busy focusing on creating critically acclaimed mixtapes. But the success from Up & Away thrust him into the spotlight, and  left fans anticipating his second album My Own Lane. After the success of first single Show Me featuring troubled star Chris Brown, this dynamic duo have collaborated again in the hope of another smash hit.

KidInk-MainChick(Feat.ChrisBrown)Main Chick has a great laid back melody with a cool groove to it. The R&B vibe comes across strongly and sits well with Brown’s smooth vocals and Kid Ink’s slower rap verses. However, as with most of these songs, the lyrics leave much to be desired. Brown’s somewhat catchy hook features lyrics like: “I don’t know your name/but you’ve heard my name/I know why you came…/Tryna get that name.” I think we get the idea from the amount of times ‘name’ is mentioned, and of course, Kid Ink drops the obligatory  ‘nigga’ numerous times in his verses.

Main Chick has a cool beat, a great vibe and some good vocals/rap. But when you start to listen too closely, the lyrics become annoying and repetitive, giving you no option but to move on to another song.