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Single Review: Kid Ink – ‘Body Language’ (Feat. Usher and Tinashe)

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It’s surprising that Kid Ink doesn’t have a considerable amount of mainstream success. With his trademark tattoos and lazy flow, you’d think he’d be enjoying a bit more radio play. The 28 year old rapper has been around since 2011, but we only got interested when Show Me was released back in 2013, featuring Chris Brown. Since then we’ve been keeping tabs on him, and his latest offering Body Language doesn’t disappoint. Featuring star power from both Usher and the up-and-coming Tinashe, this single has great potential – we should probably be giving Kid Ink the recognition he deserves. 

Body Language Kid InBody Language is cheeky, sexy, and above all, fun. It’s got the same sort of laid-back approach as Show Me did, only this one might be a bit more upbeat. The production has Cashmere Cat written all over it; paired with Stargate, they’ve mixed up a quirky electro-R&B beat, comprised of staccato synths that resemble a something like a xylophone. Whatever it is, it works – it’s the perfect beat for Kid Ink to vent is appreciation for the female body. And if there’s anyone who knows the language of the female body, then it’s definitely the suave and sexy Usher. He adds the melodic variety in this track; there’s no fancy falsetto or vocal gymnastics, but he lays it down plain and simple: he wants you. Not exactly bedroom music but it’ll get you in the mood – no doubt, it’ll have you grinding and getting down by the first hook.

One disappointment however: Tinashe – or rather, the lack of. She’s credited as a featured artist so give her more credit – a talent like her should be deserving of her own verse, at least? Instead, we only get backing vocals and the occasional ad lib from the R&B beauty. The result is somewhat random – it sounds like a duet between two men, with a female voice laced in and around the track for interest.

Nonetheless it’s a pleasing effort from Kid Ink, who definitely made the right move enlisting his friends for this track. Catchy, playful and sexy as hell, Body Language is sure to be a favourite in the clubs. We’re eager to see what Kid Ink has in store for us in his yet-to-be-titled third album, which is set for release mid-2015.