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Single Review: Kele – ‘Doubt’

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There are not many artists who have taken Kele’s musical route. From his early indie rock days, gradually fading out the guitars and focusing more on electronica, and now with this release he’s trying his hand with slinky, down-tempo house.

The man best known for Bloc Party is back with his second solo album Trick, and from it he entices us in with new track Doubt. kele doubtWhat helps make the track stand out is Kele’s notable effort to keep the lyrics part of the song. Although some may say they are introverted and narcissistic, they do offer a certain quality that was lacking on the singers first solo record, The Boxer: ‘With your love I’m confident, I’ll get back to my home’ sings Kele, clearly showing more of a calm and tender feel these days, that works interestingly with his new style.

The chorus is one of those that will get stuck in your head and you don’t know why, and has a small nod to Bloc Party with some backing sounds reminiscent of the band. He’s using his whole career to tailor the music here and its worked very well.

Doubt is a song worthy of any dance floor and a genuine step forward for Kele. He’s always felt a bit in limbo after his band days, and never really settled, but now it seems like he finally has something he can call his own. DJ’s will be spinning this a lot, and it should stay on their regularly played list for a  good while.