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Single Review: Keith Urban – ‘Somewhere In My Car’

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New Zealand-born Aussie adoptee Keith Urban has released another single from his 2013 album Fuse, which is the super upbeat and catchy Somewhere In My Car.  Following on from Cop Car, Somewhere In My Car becomes the fourth single from the singer-songwriter’s well-received eighth album which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 and US Top Country Albums chart last year.

Keith Urban - Somewhere In My CarSomewhere In My Car is the perfect road trip song, with its fast tempo and anthemic chorus complete with “ooh”s just begging to be sung along with. The song’s message is universally relatable, as Keith sings about wishing things were how they used to be between him and his special someone, and wanting to be alone with them somewhere else (in his car in this case).

The melancholy nature of the song’s message is contrasted by the chorus and its optimism, as Keith reminisces and imagines being elsewhere with his special someone in his mind. The fast pace and slamming guitar riffs in the track give it a commercial edge and universal appeal which makes it perfect for mainstream airwaves, while holding onto that Country spark Keith has made his career on. It is likely to be a huge hit for the 46 year old, and even more likely to linger in your head for hours after hearing it.