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Single Review: Katie Melua – ‘Where Does The Ocean Go?’

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Georgian-British singer Katie Melua may have made her debut a decade ago, but she is still creating beautiful, original music which stands out from the crowd. It is easy to see why she is one of Britain’s most successful musicians, with her sixth album Ketevan being released last year. This album features her new single Where Does The Ocean Go?

Katie Melua Where Does The Ocean GoMelua’s voice makes any song a track that you simply must listen to, and Where Does The Ocean Go? is no exception. The song charms with its relaxed and effortless style. It also has a mournful feel though, as the vocals tell of a lover gone away across the sea, never to return. This is the focus of the title; the songstress wonders where exactly this ocean goes to, and if she should let it take her in the hopes of finding her lost love. The stripped back atmosphere of the song blends beautifully with Katie’s unique and mature vocals.

Where Does The Ocean Go? has a folksy ballad vibe, which may sound strange but Katie’s voice makes this combination work. It’s easy to get lost in this sweet melody, so if you feel you need to unwind, pop this track on and let it absorb you in its sombre tale.