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Single Review: Kasabian – Bumblebeee

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UK rock outfit Kasabian have released the second single Bumblebee from their fifth studio endeavour 48:13. Celebrating over a decade since their debut, 48:13 is a record that retains the ego and energy that is characteristic of Kasabian, whilst expanding on their instrumental repertory.

Kasabian - BumblebeeBumblebeee follows on from lead single Eez-eh, a completely danceable track built on hammering electronic beats and incessant injections of synth. Bumblebeee is a departure from this newfound fixation on electronics, however, that returns instead to the throwback rock n’ roll groove of previous records. Balancing the line between mosh pit and dance floor, Bumblebeee plows headfirst into creating the confident and colossal, fist pumping, and feet moving atmosphere the band is renowned for. The track continuously piles layer upon layer of chaos, culminating in a highly anticipated outro that was made specifically for large-scale, collective experiences. The harmonic stasis of the piece directs the listener’s attention towards the lawless rhythm, switching between 7/8 and 4/4, in order to further demonstrate its grandeur and anarchy.

Bumblebeee certainly sits comfortably as a fairly simple two-chord stomp-rock anthem that endeavours to maintain momentum and intensity throughout. While it falls short of living-room listening, I can definitely imagine its rousing, crowd-pleasing effects in the fields of Glastonbury, where Kasabian most recently headlined.