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Album Review: Womans Hour – Conversations

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There is something special about debut albums. Music consumers are always looking for the newest sounds that they can create a playlist from. We want to be there at the beginning to see how it all unfolded and its impact on successive records and bands who were influenced by it. UK four piece band Woman’s Hour may very well find a rapid fan base with the release of their debut album Conversations. Having formed from a group of friends and acquaintances, Woman’s Hour have spent the past few years writing songs while creating a unique sound that feels organic yet meticulously formulated. With lead singer Fiona Burgess mesmerizing vocals you can’t help but fall in love with this debut.

Woman's Hour - ConversationsThe title track Conversations builds over a solid mid-tempo beat and punchy bass leaving plenty of space for the synths and vocals to float above it. Fiona has such a delicate yet strong voice, she uses little to no vibrato which blends well with the other instruments in the band.

To The End is a captivating song that doesn’t disappoint. Fiona delivers a thrilling performance while the band delicately support her. Darkest Hour is layered with synths and vocal effects that create an ambient mood. The song slows down towards the end and builds again before fading out. The balance of robotic synthesizers and organic vocals make Devotion a nice number. The guitar and drums provide the rhythmic drive of the song allowing space for a well orchestrated keyboard section.

Reflections has a summer feel that is particularly slow but very relaxing. Despite feeling a little lethargic, the track is very rhythmic and danceable. Her Ghost is definitely one of the more catchier songs of the album. It moves along smoothly; Fiona’s vocals suit a faster song ad that shows the most on this track. It’s well produced and everyone plays an important part in making it a great track.

Overall Woman’s Hour deliver a mature and well produced debut album. You can’t help but notice the clarity of all the instruments with well chosen synthesizers, clean electric guitar, punchy bass and tight sounding drums while the vocals on the album are superb. Most of the tracks are slow with a lot of sustained chords but does pick up the pace at the right time. The attention to detail throughout to the recording shows that they have what it takes to establish a successful career in the industry, the only question is how long will it be till the next album?