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Single Review: Karmin – ‘I Want It All’

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America’s edgy pop/rap group Karmin are back with their latest single I Want It All. Describing their style as ‘swag-pop’, a combination of catchy hooks and crazy rap verses, the duo formly known for covers have become a success thanks to singles Brokenhearted, Hello and most recently, Acapella. With their album set to drop in March, I Want It All is the latest single from the popular duo.

Karmin I Want It AllThe first thing you notice is that I Want It All doesn’t have the same attitude as their other ‘swag-pop’ singles; this track has a dancey, slightly disco vibe to it. It’s incredibly catchy and has a beat that will have you dancing the night away. Yet the lyrics are incredibly repetitive, most noticeably the title line ‘i want it all’. This isn’t the only repeated part, with only two verses being different from the rest of the lyrics. Whilst this song may be all about getting the listener grooving to the beat, with lyrics like this the song soon becomes one to skip on your playlist. Amy’s rapping is an evident hole in the track; her fast, edgy raps are what gives Karmin their unique style.

Overall I Want It All is an okay track, with an addictive beat that is great for when you’re out on the dance floor. But outside of the club, the song can soon become repetitive and boring when you begin to listen closely.