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Single Review: JTR – ‘Ride’

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JTR are the latest band from reality television show X Factor Australia to score a recording deal. The swedish turned australian trio of brothers auditioned for the show with a brilliant acapella version of As Long As You Love Me. John, Tom and Robin’s flawless harmonies won over the judges and made it to the top 12 and the live shows. However, this was where they hit a bumpy road, and made it to the top 6 before being eliminated. But things are looking up for the trio with the release of their debut single Ride.

JTR RideRide is a single which is unashamedly pop. The melody isn’t hugely unique, but it’s individual enough to recognise the song. The boys vocals and harmonies are once again flawless. Unlike other bands where all members sing, one single member doesn’t sing more than the others; JTR shares the solo time in Ride, which makes for some nice variation within the song. The lyrics aren’t  ground breaking “Come on baby take a ride with me now/I wanna take you to a place where we go/Oh oh oh oh”, but they are incredibly catchy and make for a really fun pop song.

Ride is a great first single from JTR, for those who love a catchy pop number. As the song suggests, this is a track to turn up loud as you’re driving along and to shout out the lyrics. Stay tuned for the release of JTR’s album Touchdown, which if Ride is any indication, is sure to be a fun-filled and vibrant album!