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Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

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Bombay Bicycle Club are not your average indie alternative rock band. They are like scientists in what they do and without any hesitation, they delve in and find the thrill of experimenting with different kinds of genres. It’s almost like finding something in Wonderland and being like Alice, we tend to have a purpose to explore, trying to find something worthwhile and adventurous, making So Long, See You Tomorrow a release well-worth pondering about. Since, A Different Kind of Fix, the band have slightly moved away from their instruments and have produced an electronic fixation, provided the latter, still maintaing an enriching and inviting ambience to the album.

BombayBicycleClub-SoLong,SeeYouTomorrowMind-boggling and staggering, Overdone, steeps up to the next level of indie music as there is no substitute to how they managed to accomplish a track with overwhelmingly fascinating elements. With various instruments being used and the diversity of hooks inclusive to the well-attuned backing vocals, strengthens the newfound reputation of the band’s way of quietly hinting to the world that perfection is close to making it impossible to impersonate such music as theirs. If anything, their influential parts of being able to produce songs out of the ordinary sets the bar even higher.

Carry Me mysteriously extends with sophisticated upbeat drum tempos, electronic whirl-winded vibes and rhythmic consistency with its instrumental counterparts as well as echoing backing vocals, bringing a tasteful innocence of delight to the track. Charming and enchantingly hypnotising, Luna is a perfectly self-proclaimed soundtrack, giving off the atmospheric feeling of being in the lonely outskirts of the safari, blissfully attracted to the oblivion. Of course, the last track, So Long, See You Tomorrow, combines all their iridescent musical elements together, giving off an accomplished achievement, ending on an impressively astonishing token.

Gifted with much-needed recognition, Bombay Bicycle Club definitely do not deserve to be misunderstood for what they do. It’s a courageous act for putting an album that brings out different angles to who they actually are as a band and with that, they are the master minds and geniuses behind the whole risk-taking agenda of the music industry.