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Single Review: John Newman -‘Olé feat Calvin Harris’

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A breath of fresh, sweet tropical air comes in the form on the newest venture undertaken by John Newman and his collaborative partner in crime, Calvin Harris. Written by Harris, this summery number is as far as possible from Calvin Harris’ latest work and refreshingly rewarding. Previous chart-topping dominance has graced Newman before, with his hit number 1 track Blame – also featuring Calvin Harris. Now, the pair exhilarates together once more in grinning warmth with their track Olé – ready for resorts and poolsides worldwide.

John Newman OleThe track wields an organic, Nile Rodgers-esque, funky guitar riff and tropical dipped bassline. Enough to make even the most boring want to dance, the catchy movements capture a joyous light sparkling somewhere over the pacific ocean. Just under four minutes in duration, crisp and skippy drums program over a nodding island rhythm. Stabby reggae components sit tight behind Newman’s calming vocals in the verse and hooks. The track grips a mastered precision within the production qualities, a direction not heard from Harris since his long gone I Created Disco days. It’s Newman’s singing vibrations however, that will carry this song to scorching pop heights. The lyrics expressed throughout this beach jam touch on themes of heartbreak, infidelity and temptation, though despite this, the fun materials in the musicality will have you forgetting about love – substituting these weary emotions with a freshly made pineapple Margarita and deck chair. Summer anthem material.