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Album Review: Human Nature – Gimme Some Lovin’: Jukebox Vol II

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At this point, most of us should know who the pitch perfect quartet Human Nature are. If not from our own CD collection, then at least from one of our parents’ collection. I sure know I do. Gimme Some Lovin: Jukebox Vol II, is Human Nature’s continuation from their 2014 platinum selling album, Jukebox, which is a concept album that covers classics from the 1950’s and 1960’s, and that also pays tribute to the bands musical influences. The homegrown, Australian harmony-pop group that consists of Toby Allen, Phil Burton, Andrew Tierney and Michael Tierney have currently been touring at the Venetian in Las Vegas, performing a range of Jukebox songs (and non-Jukebox tracks) that vary between Doo-wop to Motown/Soul to Pop classics.

Seeing that Human Nature is a favourite for refreshing long lost tracks and making sure to remind their audience there was an era of music before dubstep and rap, this album does not disappoint in accomplishing that, especially due to its well-chosen song cover choices. The only thing is, that occasionally while cruising through the usual jitterbug throwbacks such as Twistin The Night Away and Saw Her Standing There (which features Michael Jacksons past guitarist Orianthi on guitar), to the slow dance jams of At Last and Be My Baby, you can’t help but wonder at times, “Haven’t I already heard Human Nature do this cover before?”.

There is a track that stands out as a seemingly lone wolf outside of the aforementioned cover tracks. A song by the name of Forgive Me Now. A seemingly solo original track out of the other 14 cover tracks. An echoed plea of apology, with quite a beautiful tone and build up, starting with an acoustic plucked guitar and vocal, before adding in the background harmonies, drums, and strings. It just goes to remind us that Human Nature can perform more than just covers. Another track on the album worth noting for its certain difference to the other tracks would be You Send Me, an acapella track that again reminds you of the focal point of Human Nature, their ability to perform in perfect harmony. But then again, how could we ever forget? Human Nature are the musical equivalent of the Avengers, they possess their individual strengths, but work best together, as a team.

Human Nature had a mission. And that mission was to recreate and cover the perfect old school jukebox playlist for the second time round. If you consider The Beach Boys Don’t Worry Baby, or the commonly covered Shout by The Isley Brothers, part of your jukebox picks, then you are in for a treat with the second Human Nature Jukebox installation. If not, then maybe just pick up a copy for mum instead.