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Single Review: John Newman – ‘Losing Sleep’

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Its been quite a year for fresh faced soul singer John Newman. Scoring global hits like Cheating and a couple of UK number 1’s with the fantastically catchy Love Me Again and of course the singer’s collaboration with drum & bass upstarts Rudimental, Feel The Love, is not an achievement to take lightly.

John Newman Losing SleepOn top of this, Newman’s debut album Tribute proved a particularly popular record in Australia and the UK, scoring number 1 in the album charts of the latter. The album contains some rather nifty retro-futuristic soul from the pop singer and latest single Losing Sleep is no exception to the rule.

Of course the most notable thing of the new single like all Newman’s hits is the man’s sharp, brassy and powerful voice. He attacks the microphone with words “Please don’t stop loving me, loving me, wanting me wanting me like you do” in a well acted desperate plea to an absent lover.

In the same formula as his previous tunes, the chorus of Losing Sleep, just like Love Me Again and Cheating is so massive in production and laden with hooks that you’ll find yourself singing along in no time. The only problem with this is, wheres the variety? Though a talented singer Newman may be (to say the least), Losing Sleep is nothing new and gives the impression that the singer may struggle for being labelled a one-trick pony.

Regardless, for pop sensibilities and suitably cinematic production, Losing Sleep does the job it sets out to do, ensnaring listeners in with hooks and epicness that will no doubt prove a certified hit with the soul-pop loving listeners.