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Album Review: Ryan Keen – Room For Light

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Being so similar to Ed Sheeran, Ryan Keen steps up his game with his latest album, Room For Light, bringing an ambient presence to the musical world of the folk/acoustic genre. The talent that this man has is prominent in the album, highlighting a milestone for the musician as a way of showing people that life is too short to not follow your dreams, transitioning from the workings of the music management business world to a recording studio artist.

Ryan Keen Room For LightThe opening track, Know About Me, is a superb song, showcasing the wonderful, soothing vocals of Ryan Keen and evidently showing a strong musical influence from Passenger and Ed Sheeran. The greatest aspect of an acoustic song is its ability to create a calming atmosphere for the listener and this is what Ryan Keen’s Room For Light tends to do. Skin and Bones has a triumphant and enthusiastic chorus, providing a positive vibe to the track with uplifting lyrics.

Listening to the beginning of Old Scars has a strong similarity to Ed Sheeran’s Drunk, drawing upon an obvious musical influence. This track could have shown promise if it weren’t for the strong musical influence. Room For Light starts to become a little repetitive at times with the heavy use of the same consistent acoustic guitar note as well as lyrics that don’t empower much to music listeners. However, Ryan Keen did do an amazing job in the first half of the album as Aiming For The Sun, Orelia and See Me Now are tracks that encompass the talented and original sound he has managed to produce, showcasing to the world that he is a striving musician that is still experimenting on what sound he wants to offer to the world.

To be fair, this is Ryan Keen’s first tackle of a release and needless to say, he has done a good effort in showcasing his talents with the use of his trusty acoustic guitar. As a musician that has only started recording and having already had his foot in the door of the music business world, he has potential in showcasing amazing music and still has a lot of discovery and learning before he is able to produce his own sound that is able to ‘wow’ an audience of listeners.