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Single Review: Iggy Azalea – ‘Black Widow’ (feat. Rita Ora)

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The world is no stranger to Australian hip/hop sensation Iggy Azalea. The release of her debut album The New Classic has enabled her to break records; her worldwide smash Fancy was on top of the Hot 100, whilst Ariana Grande’s single Problem featuring Azalea was number two, making Iggy the first artist since The Beatles to have two hits simultaneously top the charts. It also seems that Nicki Minaj has met her match in the female hip/hop scene as Iggy is trailing not too far behind her; but how do you follow up that success? Iggy has released Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) as the fifth single from The New Classic, and it’s already become her third top ten hit!

Iggy Azalea Black WidowWhen Black Widow didn’t make the cut for Katy Perry’s Prism, Perry gave the track to Iggy to make her own; the style of the track is evidently a former pop song as it demonstrates similarities in structure and sound with Perry’s hit Dark Horse, particularly the use of synths in the arrangement. Iggy’s spitting delivery was spot on as she rhymes about a decaying relationship where she leads her partner on in an act of vengeance; loving him like a Black Widow means she’ll get what she wants from him until she sees fit to dispose of him. Collaborating with British pop sensation Rita Ora was a commendable move, her belty hook is what makes the song; although Ora’s part is slightly more memorable than Azalea’s, the two talents complimented each other in the track. Iggy originally intended to have Katy Perry record the track with her, but Perry’s schedule wouldn’t allow her time to complete the project; Rita was Azalea’s next favourable choice as she thought her just as capable of delivering the punchy hook. 

Black Widow is yet another hit for the seemingly unstoppable Iggy Azalea, she took somebody else’s track and made it hers; and Rita Ora was one of the best vocalists she could have gone for, they shared a musical chemistry with this one. We won’t be hearing the last of Azalea anytime soon if she keeps churning out the gongs like Black Widow, so buckle up for the ride!