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Single Review: Iggy Azalea – ‘Beg For It’ (feat. MO)

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Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea has been dominating the charts worldwide with singles such as the smash hit Fancy and her collaboration with Rita Ora on Black Widow, not to mention making waves as a guest on JLO’s Booty; the chart topper is set to release a re-issue of her album The New Classic, rebranded as Reclassified, which features five new tracks that replace five of the original tracks on the standard edition to be released later this month. Azalea has released Beg For It as a single to mark the re-issue’s release.

Iggy Azalea-Beg For ItBeg For It kind of has you begging for something different from the rapper, the track strictly follows the format of Fancy with Iggy’s trademark spitting delivery and a fellow female singing the hook, which sounds like…Fancy. MO’s vocal suits the track well, one thing Azalea has a knack for is selecting suitable guest vocalists for her songs; the lyrics aren’t ground breaking, we have grown particularly used to hearing self-empowering tracks by female rap artists admiring their own assets. The track ends before it could really go anywhere, which is a shame, but it’ll be a hit nonetheless. 

Beg For It keeps Iggy Azalea in her comfort zone, it doesn’t stray from what she has already submitted to radio. Considering the track was written for the re-issue of The New Classic, it makes a bit more sense for it to follow the same route in terms of sound and its make up; the synths, the hook, the lot. If this track had been released as the lead single of an entirely new album, it would have been more disappointing; it’s still a decent Iggy track though and choosing MO as her collaborator proves a valuable choice.