Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

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Single Review: Guy Sebastian – ‘Candle’

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After a year out of the lime light, Guy Sebastian is back with a new single, Candle, and a cool edgier sound influenced by the likes of Lenny Kravitz. Sebastian co-wrote the track with friends Jon Hume (producer, and singer of the band Evermore) and Trey Campbell (song writer).

Guy Sebastian CandleCandle is dedicated to Sebatian’s wife, Jules, and describes how his adoring fan-girls just don’t hold  a candle to his woman back home. His soulful voice communicates his desire to be with her, and how he fights off the advances of girls in the crowd that “Get their drink on for free, Tryna get to [his] hotel room”. He is clearly having none of that! Jules is one lucky lady to be serenaded so passionately.

Candle is particularly interesting in it’s construction because it seamlessly moves between a soulful R’nB feel to a raw guitar driven rock style in which Sebastian’s vocals are made to be gritty and raw. This is something quite different coming from Guy Sebastian who is known for his usual pop stylings. It is refreshing to hear him break away from his more familiar sound and I’m sure he will attract a whole new spectrum of fans. I, for one, want to hear more of this from Guy Sebastian.