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Single Review: Tatianna – ‘The Same Parts’

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If you’re watching RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, you’re aware that Tatianna absolutely killed the first episode with her spoken word piece, The Same Parts. Now, she’s repurposed it for the dance floor, and turned The Same Parts into a trap dance track that’s decidedly different, but still ridiculously hot.

Tatianna The Same PartsThe verses of The Same Parts are simple, with minimal beats and repeating vocals, placing most of the focus on Tatianna’s vocals, which consist mostly of what she offered in her performance on Drag Race with some new parts thrown in for good measure—Dudes lookin’ at me like / They wanna get in my pants / Hoes getting’ mad / C’mon bitch see me with them hands. The chorus is where the song gets aggressive, with ripping synths and constant repetition of her now-iconic catch phrase, see me with them hands.

It’s a very different take on the piece, losing the hilarity and obvious innuendo of the stage performance but replacing it with a sexier, slicker image that still works for the track. It’s a nice alternative take on it, and makes The Same Parts into a solid single for Tatianna rather than a one-off performance that wouldn’t see the light of day after Drag Race.