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Single Review: Giorgio Moroder – ‘Right Here, Right Now’ (Feat. Kylie Minogue)

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The Italian producer, songwriter, performer, DJ (and anything else you wanna call him) has had a resurgence of late thanks to featuring on robot funk duo Daft Punk’s most recent record, Random Access Memories. His name and music have therefore been engulfed by a new batch of people’s playlists, resulting in a shed-load of stars and hipsters coming out to say how they liked him before he was back on the ‘what’s hot’ tabloid column. Giorgio doesn’t worry about this however; he’s always been effortlessly cool and someone who, simply put, is in love with music. New single Right Here, Right Now is testament to his affair with sound and its manipulation, and he drags in pint-sized beauty Kylie Minogue to help out with vocal duties.

News: Giorgio Moroder Drops New Single ‘Right Here, Right Now’ Ft Kylie MinogueThe music maestro brings us back to basics here; throwing at you a Disco meets synth meets pop, track full of lovingly crafted beats all set against the evergreen Kylie’s distinctive vocals. As ever with Giorgio, the balance and the tone of the track are perfect, helping bring the fun to the forefront, and hiding the technical wizardry that goes on in the background. He makes it feel so simple, but superior to other songs in the same genre, and this is why others look up to him.

Kylie’s vocals are as on form as ever, showing the starlet’s true quality as a multi-genre performer which has been proven again and again in the past, but strongest when set against a pop background such as here.

Both Giorgio and Kylie’s careers didn’t need rejuvenating, and instead this track should serve as a reminder of how great they both are in their own right, and always trying to find the top of their game.