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Single Review: Garth Brooks – People Loving People

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American country singer Garth Brooks has returned from retirement with an inspiring message for his dedicated listeners.

Garth Brooks - People Loving PeoplePeople Loving People is being hailed as Brook’s highly anticipated, official “comeback” to the musical world after a period of sporadic retirement and un-retirement. The iconic pioneer of country music has been churning out addictive farmyard tunes since 1989, which have earned Brooks the title of second best selling US solo artist of all time. The single is the first off Brooks new album- to be released later this month, followed by a massive international tour.

The songs title makes the message of the song pretty self-explanatory- Brooks wants to use his catchy country charm to encourage people to love one another and make the world a better place. Written by busbee, Lee Thomas Miller and Chris Wallin, the song is more of your generic pop-rock song than anything that sounds like what you’d expect a country music singer to produce. The song is carried by a hopeful sounding harmony line, comprised of your standard rock ensemble played at a tempo perfect for inducing a massive stadium of people to wave lighters around. People Loving People’s major fault is that nothing truly exciting happens throughout the song. It is a brief instrumental interlude, followed by a short passionate, musical climax by Brooks that saves the song from becoming entirely uninteresting.

However, despite the repetitive and highly conventional nature of this song, Brooks’ charming voice and the moving message of the song give it a pleasing charisma that will satisfy listeners.