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Single Review: Franz Ferdinand – ‘Fresh Strawberries’

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Franz Ferdinand have released the latest single from album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.  Entitled Fresh Strawberries, the single features guest vocals from Veronica Falls frontwoman – Roxanne Clifford.

FranzFerdinand-FreshStrawberriesThe track begins with Alex Kapranos’ vocals wurring over the top of a softly plucked guitar. He introduces us to the songs title in the first line, and it isn’t long before his band begin to back him into the verse.  There is a distinct sound to Kapranos’ vocals as seen on the rest of the album. It’s a cry back to the 60’s vocal style, and draws similarities somewhere between Elvis and the more recent Arctic Monkeys. The guitar follows suit with a plucky slightly overdriven riff. It keeps in line with the vocal work and the two sit nicely together for the duration. As soon as the chorus hits, it’s clear this retro style is what they were going for. The vocals, backed by Clifford soar over the instrumentation, and the slight use of synth adds a certain psychedelic vibe to proceedings. It almost gives the song a Beach Boys-esque character with the whole soundstage aiming for that old surf rock attitude.

The song is a very simple one. The arrangement and production are fairly low key, neither wanting to over complicate things. It’s fairly refreshing to hear in a time where many bands and artists rely on the use of computers and effects to create their music.

Fresh Strawberries on the whole is a solid continuation of Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. It is British Indie infused with the retro sound of the 1960’s. It’s a thoroughly easy listen, and a good attempt at putting a slight twist on the standard indie form.