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Single Review: Foo Fighters – Run

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Photo: MBC PR

Foo Fighters have had a calamitous year, frontman Dave Grohl breaking his leg meant the band had to cancel their career defining slot headlining the Pyramid Stage at last year’s Glastonbury festival. On latest single ‘Run’ though, it is evident that not even broken bones can shake the resolve of such an outstanding band.

 The intro to ‘Run’ is a mellow re-introduction that has all the trappings of a classic Foo’s ballad, but this is a band who enjoy keeping people on their toes. It isn’t long before the cacophony descends and all hell breaks loose, if the world was about to end it would do so to the sound of rapturous shredding and thrashing.

One only has to hear the name Foo Fighters to know what a skilled bunch of musicians they are, drummer Taylor Hawkins can hit a drum at a speed no other human can. His style is the perfect match to Grohl’s charisma as a frontman, the two rioting together with gleeful abandon.

Run’ is a display of strength, the ideal return to power. The vocals are assured and ready to be yelled back to the band by hundreds and thousands of adoring fans across the world.