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Single Review: Estelle – ‘Something Good’

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For most of you out there, if you’re going to know one Estelle track, it’s going to be American Boy. Now, I don’t usually like to pigeon-hole artists to one release, but this song was just so damn good, with the perfect edition of the egotistical Kanye West, that it was almost a curse and near impossible for Estelle to live up to afterwards

estelle 2Roll on a few years, and Estelle’s new single Something Good is a change in sound, a change in attitude, and, well, a revert to the dance pop music of the early 90s. This might be a strange step I hear you say, but the singer does somehow manage to pull it off. Maybe it’s my sense of nostalgia mixed with loving an artist trying something new, but the repetitive beats are hypnotising, the synth drums enticing, and the lyrics crisp. ‘I was hurt for so long…all that matters is I’m back where I belong’ sings Estelle, maybe a gentle insight into here recent career lull, or maybe not, but the track is a definite step in the right direction to get back on top without the need of friends in high places.

Snaps and beats run rampant here, with Estelle controlling her vocals perfectly to allow the music to take centre stage. It’s a brave step, as at first it feels outside her comfort zone, until you realise what the track is trying to do – reinvent the singer in a different mould. Once you realise this and let go of the past, forgetting her massive hit, you can see it’s a decent song in its own right, and a worthy effort for an artist letting go.