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Single Review: Eric Prydz – ‘Liberate’

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Eric Prydz is a man of many monikers and modes in the realm of EDM. Having released dozens of tracks and remixes under 11 different projects, including the more eminent ‘Pryda’ and ‘Cirez D’, as well as the likes of ‘Tonja Holmer’ and his middle name ‘Sheridan’, he has navigated the house, techno and trance spectrums since 2001. However, 2014 sees him return as his most successful, self-titled form.

Eric Prydz LiberateMost people will remember Prydz for his 2004 hit single Call On Me. As well as being a huge success across Australia, Europe and the UK, it boasts one of the most sexually charged and suggestive film clips ever, much to the delight of the young tech-savvy men of the time. The 80’s aerobics spoof was one of the highest-downloaded clips of all time, and even spawned a feature length aerobics DVD featuring the original cast. One can only hope there will be an equally open-minded video for his latest single, Liberate.

The new track is vintage Prydz, opening up with lucid percussion that is pacey and punchy. Pulsating synths creep into the background until it breaks down with a celestial vibe, before echoey synths and washed out vocals build to an initial drop two minutes in to the almost seven minute burner. The vocals become clearer in the foreground to reveal the lyric “don’t break now/the world’s locked out/just close your eyes and we can push them all away”. The lyrics resonate along with the electronica, building to a giant, deeply layered drop that Prydz fans will love. Once liberated, the track fades out to an extended spacey outro.

2014 looks like being a big year for Prydz, having let slip that he is lining up a new album. Whether or not Liberate will feature remains to be seen, but it is proving to be a crowd favourite around the world on the festival circuit. Prydz commented that “It’s been getting a crazy reaction. It’s been going off… a lot of people are hitting me up about it”. It comes as no surprise with Liberate exhibiting his distinctive, big room sound; let’s hope it’s a hint of things to come.