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Single Review: Ellie Goulding – ‘How Long Will I Love You’

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Ellie Goulding is a talented singer/songwriter, no question, branching out of late featuring on dance and electro tracks, which she is more than comfortable doing. How Long Will I Love You appears however a song more fitted to the voice and personal ache Goulding has previously adopted.

Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love YouGuitar in hand and fingers on the piano, off Ellie Goulding goes. The track is a very soft and easygoing love song, nothing we haven’t heard before. The emotion Goulding sings with is almost as important as the instruments she uses; they go hand in hand almost. The amount of female singers within the music industry is countless, but Goulding has a very distinct and welcoming voice that accommodates the sound of the song.

How Long Will I Love You is aimed towards a female listener, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate. Every music fan though, male or female, can secretly relate to the cheesy lines and sentimental thoughts of the song, as far-fetched as they might appear.

It’s not a song I would go out of my way to listen to, purely from my big bad masculine standpoint but it’s a harmless song that does no damage to anyone’s eardrums, and enforces the fact that love ballads are alive and well within the pop charts and Ellie Goulding is as multi-instrumental as ever.

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